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Tiki Bar'ge Rental and

Tiki Bar Charter Cruises

Coming Soon!  All New Tiki Boat and Charter

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 The competition-

Pedal boat bars- the ones where you have to get into your car, drive to the site, and then do all the work and pedal.  How far are you really going to pedal on the lake?  After a hard week of work, do you really want to go on a boat ride and pedal against the wind or waves?  The answer is no! If you are going to spend money on a boat ride, you want to kick back, relax, enjoy the sun on your face, listen to the tunes, and most importantly enjoy your drink without the hassle. 

The Small 6 Person Tiki Boats-  These tiki boats look nice but again, they only hold 6 people at a time. If you have a large party, you'll have to rent 4 of these boats just to equal what our boat can carry (and your party will all be together).  Do you really want to go on Lake St. Clair or the Detroit River floating on this small boat that is floating on 55 gallon blue barrels?  These boats also have no bathroom so you will stop and waste at least 20 minutes of your ride.  These may look nice, but is this really how you want to spend your time and money? 

Let's face it folks, the Tiki Party Charter Boat is exactly what you need!


We come to you and let us do all the work while you enjoy your party and friends.

There are a couple of ways you can rent and enjoy the Tiki Boat Bar


Tiki Boat Charter


-Rent the Tiki Boat as a Charter Boat for your party at your lake house.

-You will also have a floating bar at your dock with 2 bartenders!

Tiki Boat Charter

-Rent the Tiki Boat and have it docked at your house 

-Tiki boat stays at dock.

-You can also hire 2 of our bartenders to run the bar!

Tiki Boat Charter

-Rent the Tiki Boat as a Charter Boat for your party at a public lake. 

-Your group meets at a public launch and then enjoy the day on a lake of your choice whether it be cruising around or hanging at a sand bar.

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Our personal  Tiki Boat for Friends of Fox Lake; Commerce Twp, MI

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